SADDAM INSANE! Furious Apple Customer Was Refused Refund On iPhone Unless He Proved He Wasn’t Dead Iraqi Despot Saddam Hussein

A CUSTOMER named Hussain who applied for a refund on an iPhone was refused by Apple — unless he proved he wasn’t hanged tyrant Saddam Hussein.

Sharakat Hussain bought the £799 mobile for his sister last month.

But he took it back to his local Apple store when she said she didn’t want it.

Dad-of-two Sharakat, 26, was told to give staff his details to get his refund by bank transfer as he’d spent so much.

He called Apple weeks later when no cash arrived and was then sent an email insisting he tick a box to confirm he wasn’t Iraqi Hussein — executed in 2006.

A bungling admin worker had claimed he could be on a “Government Denied Parties list” of people they are legally forbidden to sell to.

Driver Sharakat, of Great Barr, Birmingham, said: “I thought the email was spam and was stunned to learn it was real. I was furious being linked to Saddam.”

Apple last night vowed to sort out the refund.

A spokeswoman offered “our sincerest apologies”.

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